Millions of people in Africa already face food insecurity. Ironically, Africa has the most arable landmasses, but lack of political will, climate, and weather, investment in agriculture, to name a few, are the foundations of infrastructural failure on the continent, resulting in net imports of over $45B in agricultural products. 

In Nigeria, food production accounts for only about 22% of GDP (2019).

According to a United Nations (FAO) World Agriculture study, developing countries’ consumption of meat has been growing at a rate of 5% to 6% per year.

Nigeria, with its population of over 180 million people, has a very huge food consumption and protein intake requirement. With an estimated national demand of 165 million poultry birds, 650,000 metric tons of eggs, and 290,000 metric tons of meat annually, Nigerian poultry farms are collectively meeting only 30% of this demand. Nigeria imports an estimated 115 million poultry birds and 455,000 metric tons of eggs valued at over N550 billion (~ USD1.1 billion) per year.

MantleVest is poised to contribute towards changing this narrative, as it collaborates with SMEs in the poultry ecosystem in Nigeria, helping them to scale and simultaneously bringing a source of livelihood to their local communities.

Social Impact Investing

At MantleVest, we are committed to creating sustainable value in communities through strategic investments and partnerships. We are building strong relationships with agricultural organizations who in turn empower rural farmers in their communities, by providing them with access to improved resources, training on best farm techniques to boost the quality and quantity of their production, sales of products for higher value, and provision of healthy monthly profits after-sales.

Our investee companies have tested the waters and have garnered years of experience in Farm management.

Our methods are creating new ways for wealth generation for our investors while impacting the beneficiary companies’ host communities at the same time.

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