Frequently Asked Questions

How can people invest in the company (Entry)?
Online via MantleVest’s website.
Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
Complete and submit the online application form for a share subscription.
MantleVest reserves the right to accept or refuse any application
How do investors sell their shares when they want to Exit?
Minimum holding period is 1 year, otherwise early termination fees (20% of capital, and no ROI) apply.
After the minimum holding period elapses, shares may be sold as follows:
The Company (MantleVest) has the first right of refusal,
Other same-class shareholders have the second right of refusal
Thereafter, other classes of shareholders can buy, but only during the next quarterly transition period.
How do investors progress from one class of shares to the next?
Participants will only be able to increase shareholding or transition to a higher class every 3 months (quarterly)
How Many Investors are Required?
See shares table above

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