Investing in the agricultural opportunities in the emerging markets of Africa.

About MantleVest

MantleVest is a start-up Australian agri-business company focused on investment in agro-allied businesses in Africa. The company is committed to supporting sustainable farming through investing in agricultural opportunities in the emerging markets of Africa.

MantleVest will search, identify, assess, and invest in food-producing Small and Medium Enterprises, and the investment will be geared towards augmentation of farming processes with a view to increasing farm output. With an increase in farm output, vertical integration business within a cluster becomes more viable by focusing on best practice standards for quality control, food safety, and all facets of the production process.

Through its growing network of local partners and its research team in finding such small-sized companies with significant growth potentials, MantleVest is positioned to unlock agricultural opportunities in Nigeria and other emerging markets of Africa, achieving social and environmental impact in our chosen geographies, alongside above-market financial returns for our global investors. Recently established, it now makes available to investors the immense success of personal investments and above-average returns per annum in these markets.

Benefits of investing with MantleVest

No need to “own” a farm

No requirement for land documentation and registration.

The risks of managing a physical asset or business from a foreign country is eliminated.

No requirement to learn a new trade or business

MantleVest has expertise in identifying promising agro-businesses who have the management skills and capabilities in their various fields, and are already earning profits, but require funding to increase operations and margins of return.

No learning curves.

No trial-and-error.

Our Values


We approach our business with deep ethical principles and honesty in everything we do. We manage resources judiciously and utilize them exclusively for their intended purposes.


We hold ourselves accountable for the choices we make and take personal responsibility for our actions. We establish clear business goals and targets to deliver on our commitments to our stakeholders through effective teamwork and communication.


We are dynamic, agile, and able to evolve with changing circumstances or environments. We are flexible and resilient, seek out solutions, and can make prudent decisions while dealing with uncertainty.


We create value for all our stakeholders by building relationships. We look beyond the financial bottom-line to catalyze social impact.


We deliberately apply our time, energy, and resources towards achieving the intended results. We focus on our goals and we creatively circumvent barriers in order to achieve them.

Our Team

Tony Wright

FIPA, AIPA, P/Grad Fin Planning, B.Acct

Tony Wright is the Managing Director of Global Imprint Pty Ltd and serves on its board of directors. Before becoming the MD of Global Imprint, Tony has and continues to hold directorship of various business entities and across various industries and has extensive experience representing the financial interests of companies ranging from Medical, Global Procurement, and chain supply management to mining and resource companies.

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Tommy Adebayo

Director of Governance and Investors Relationship

At MantleVest Tommy is responsible for developing and leading client acquisition, client relationship management, and helping drive the company’s capital-raising efforts. Tommy is passionate about working with individual investors to help them align their personal values with their investment values.

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Steve S. Toluwade

Director of Strategy and Business Development

Steve is responsible for the corporate investment model, philosophy, and strategy at MantleVest. His portfolio includes identifying investment opportunities, developing market access strategies, and managing the business operations.

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